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Grade 7

Seventh grade sees great social, emotion and academic development. After acclimating to middle school in sixth grade, students have hit their stride. They’re ready to progress into more mature people and thinkers. They grow more aware of their surroundings, their impact on the world, their potential, and their ever-growing abilities. Birchwood nurtures that progress through integrated academics. Science and math classes are opportunities to sharpen communication skills. Logic and analysis is part of English Language Arts.

English Language Arts

The goal of seventh-grade English Language Arts is to promote deep connections to reading and writing. Students are introduced to a wider variety of texts — poetry and fiction stories to non-fiction, historical documents, and news stories — to reinforce the importance of reading and of being informed. Writing instruction cultivates persuasion, analysis, and writing for enjoyment inside out outside the classroom. Teachers emphasize the importance of credible sources and adequate research.

Social Studies/History

Seventh grade students dive deeply into the history of Rhode Island and New England’s significance in the nation’s history. Classes bring historical events to life through digital tools, videos, individual projects and group work that helps them visualize how they occurred and how the continue to influence the present. They look for trends in historical timelines, read biographies to learn how social rights and cultural norms have changed over the years. They also analyze clues and artifacts to recreate pieces of history to gain a deeper understanding of them.

World Languages

Seventh-grade is the first year students are exposed to world languages in the classroom. Our teachers show students the art of learning languages and why study of language is useful and relevant. Students learn basic vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation. Together with study of cultures and customs they help ingrain language in students’ minds.


Seventh-grade science at Birchwood means interpreting, researching, investigating, probing, examining and questioning. While applied to scientific subjects in science class, these are skills that apply well beyond science to other subjects and life beyond school. Topics include energy and how it operates everything around us, and ecosystems, especially how they adapt, change and balance. We provide students with the tools and resources to probe these and other subjects, but do not hand them the answers. That’s the students’ job, and they appreciate the autonomy they have in finding answers.


There’s no reason to teach math as algebraic concepts when there’s a whole world of real examples to illustrate them. That’s why Birchwood teachers take tongue twisters like “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” and break them down into math problems like “what are the dimensions of the wood? What speed rate can the woodchuck process these wood blocks, and under what time restrictions? What’s the circumference of the woodchuck’s stomach? As they learn how to apply the algebra they learned in sixth grade, students also work on writing clean documentation to practice communication skills.



10 Birchwood Drive
North Providence, RI 02904
Phone: (401) 233-1120
Fax: (401) 353.6903



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