Grade 6

Sixth grade is a transitional year that introduces children to more independence and higher expectations than they had in elementary school. The Birchwood staff is experienced at making the transition as smooth as possible, helping new students feel at home, become stronger scholars and thinkers, and to develop deeper friendships. Outside the classroom, clubs, sports and after-school activities encourage students to discover new interests and talents.

English Language Arts

Sixth grade English/language arts introduces students to a wider variety of literature, including essays, poetry, novels and short stories. More challenging reading expands their vocabularies and their ability to find deeper meaning that relate to the larger world. Students read their written work aloud and engage in respectful critique aimed at improving their writing and presentation skills. Teachers nurture their confidence by encouraging them to ask and answer more pressing questions.

Social Studies/History

History at Birchwood Middle School is about more than reading dates in time in a book. History’s relevance to the present and other areas of learning comes alive in sixth grade through interactive group work, research projects, and hands-on assignments. Social studies integrates with language, geography, communication, and culture to explore the ties between history and other academic disciplines. Students learn about the origins and different forms of government, the roles of individuals in shaping history, and how to make informed, reasoned decisions for the public good in a culturally diverse world. They develop respect and admiration for social reform of the past and see the relevance of history when compared to today’s current events. Personalized instruction allows students to be directors of their social studies learning, as they choose which historical figures to focus on and study before presenting their findings to their class.


Sixth grade introduces students to the scientific method by hands-on experimentation with an engineering theme. Students create their own lab settings and learn to work with data to find answers analyze questions in depth. Teachers emphasize safety in experimentation and how to apply safety lessons outside the classroom. They also stress to students the importance of a strong worth ethic as a means to success as a students, scientist and lifelong learning.  


Sixth-grade students meet algebra, the foundation for handling the advanced math they’re likely to encounter later in their educations. Students are encouraged to learn by asking questions about problems, and teachers are quick to offer additional help with challenging material. They also teach students that working with numbers can be fun by matching lessons with real-world applications. Students work in teams on assignments that teach them more than they realize because getting to the result was more fun than they expected.



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