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Birchwood embraces the idea that music is an invaluable part of education that helps language development, speech perception and reading skills. From keeping the beat in a percussion section to singing harmonies, our music program provides a wide range of choices for students to explore their musical talents. Some of them might practice an instrument for hours every day in hopes up on a professional stage.

Remember parents: pitchy notes coming from behind a bedroom door is part of the learning curve!

Some of them might just want to be able to jam with friends from time to time for fun. And some will try music then move on to other interests. But they will share the same appreciation for music.

Band Director

Gregory Berger


Chorus Website




10 Birchwood Drive
North Providence, RI 02904
Phone: (401) 233-1120
Fax: (401) 353.6903



Brian Gilmore

 Assistant Principal

Joseph Palazzo

School Nurse
Mrs. Kelly Nesbitt, M .Ed, R.N., CSNT


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